Can a phone app cure sea sickness?

In recent years we have seen a variety of apps flood the market, claiming that they have the "cure"to seasickness. But how do they work, and do they really help those who suffer with motion sickness?


Research at the Imperial College London has found that a mild electric current applied to the left side of the head, appears to interfere with the part of the brain that processes motion signals. In turn, it helps alleviate the symptoms of seasickness. Research is currently underway to create an app that can be used with headphones, to reproduce these results. It is said to be ready as soon as five years down the line.

But what's available to sufferers now?


This proven technology has been through the rigours of an 18 month clinical trial by Westminster College of Medicine. The trials report stated that the app '...provided significant protection against motion sickness.' - Nevasic Website

The app '...provided significant protection against motion sickness.'

So how does it work?

Nevasic recommend that users listen to the app when they notice the first symptoms of motion sickness kicking in. Unlike other apps, there is no need to lie down, and as soon as the symptoms subside they advise you to stop the app.

Whilst researching this app we found mixed reviews. Whilst some claimed the app was 'Totally amazing...It really does work !!! This app will really change my life...' others were not so impressed, 'Didn't work for me, which is a shame. Might work for some people but it's expensive to find out.'

'Totally amazing - I was sceptical at first but I just can't believe it .. It really does work !!! This app will really change my life...' - Nevasic User

At £16.99 it's your call whether you're willing to take a risk to see if this app works for you or not. For further information you can visit their website.

If you have tried any other apps for seasickness that have worked, we would love to hear from you. Please send your messages to

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