Are crystal covered robots going to take the place of supermodels?

Robot supermodels on the catwalk, is this the future of fashion?


We've all heard the terrifying tactics that fashion industry celebrities use to stay slim, but there's a stick-thin supermodel set to take over, weighing in at only 20lb.

As part of London Fashion Week, a telepresence robot designed by Silicon Valley-based specialists has taken the place of humans on the catwalk in a new partnership celebrating future opportunities. Robotics gurus, OhmniLabs, teamed up with House of iKons and Los Angeles-based designer, Honee, for this forward-thinking fashion feature.

Covered in crystals and with a built-in tablet, the collaboration came as a celebration of how robots are becoming part of every day life. The move was met with a mixed reaction, as some London Fashion Week guests loved the look, heralding the Ohmni bot as the future of the runway, while others didn't get the appeal. The BBC even reported on one visitor simply stating: "It looks like my vacuum cleaner at home."

More enthusiastically, Honee said:

"I am thrilled to have the sponsorship of OhmniLabs, a telepresence robotic company. My show with the House of iKons is named I, in reference to Artificial Intelligence and also the play on the Vietnamese word I for love and the Chinese phonetic AI, also meaning love.
We're in the world of AI and loving it. I use fashion as the language to express the skins we are in. It's not about the future of robots, of a world unknown, but of the presence, the NOW. And OhmniLabs is ushering the world of NOW with their telepresence robots. I'm honoured and super excited to be a part of the OhmniLabs journey."

What does a telepresence robot do?

The Ohmni robot has been designed to transform how families and friends stay connected, giving users more freedom, zero hassle and, reportedly, unlimited possibilities. The lightweight comms robot features:

- Responsive tilting neck to convey emotiveness and improve field of vision.

- Mic and speaker that can hear and be heard clearly from across the room.

- Easy assembly with a simple unfold and power on process, followed by wi-fi connection.

- Dual HD wide angle cameras.

- A battery life that allows for five to six hour calls.

- Glide Drive technology that allows quiet and smooth motion on any surface.

For more information visit the Ohmilabs website.

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