Why not carry on boating right into the autumn?

Once the summer bank holiday is done and dusted, many boat owners start the winter mothballing process. But there's lots of advantages to carrying on well into the autumn, not least of which is the promise, this year, that the warm weather we've enjoyed all summer looks set to continue.


That's not to say there's going to be a heatwave in October, but generally weather forecasts are predicting higher than average temperatures. Of course there will be wet and windy spells, but they are expected to be short-lived.

Is the good weather the only reason you should consider carrying on boating? Probably not, so, here are a few more.

The beauty of autumn

We might not have the breadth and vividness of the colours of New England in the fall, but the UK still has some pretty spectacular sights. Waterways and estuaries in particular give you different ways to see them.

Wildlife is still active too. On inland waterways the banks are still as active as ever, until birds start migrating and animals begin to hibernate.

Fewer people

It's also less crowded after the schools have reopened. It's easier to get essential supplies and get your boat serviced or maintained and it's quieter on the water too.

Many of the pubs and restaurants that are overcome with holidaymakers are suddenly easier to visit. In very touristy areas, many eating and entertainment places close for the winter, but will still be open throughout September and October and possibly even November.

Less trouble

The longer you keep using your boat the shorter the winter layup period will be. One of the best ways to keep your boat in good condition is to use it, so this should help keep everything ship-shape.

The shorter the period your boat and engine lie unused, the better. Continuing to use your boat as long as possible also gives you more chance to spot problems too. Meaning they can be dealt with as soon as you take your boat out of the water, rather than leaving them to fester unwittingly through the darker months.

Take care

Do take a little more care when boating in the autumn. Inland, you're unlikely to have much trouble, unless there is flooding which can cause rivers to rise, but you should be given plenty of notice about that. Offshore, storms can come out of nowhere and of course you have less light during the day.

So plan careful and take precautions - perhaps exercise a little more care than you would normally but don't let it stop you enjoying yourself.

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