National Pet Month - Lets Celebrate!

April 2017 is National Pet Month. It's a time to celebrate all things pets, and what better way than by checking out some awesome ways your furry friends can caravan in style! You can share this article with your Facebook Friends by clicking the icon just underneath the title.


The Doggy Caravan

These are amazing. We cannot get over how darned cute they are! But what's more they are actually pretty useful. Perfect to put in an awning for your furry friend to curl up in, and perfect to be used in the house! What's more who's saying these can't be used as a cat bed??


Caravan Quilt

If your dog is anything like mine you will know the difficulty in keeping your duvet cover clean and neat, when you have a four legged friend sneaking in to snooze on your bed when you're out! So this is the perfect solution. A beautiful quilt to put over the end of your bed, to keep the duvet protected. The quilt featured is from Etsy and you buy it as a KIT! So you get all the equipment needed, and you can sew your beautiful quilt, whilst in your caravan drinking a cup of tea - perfect.


Pet Accessories Storage

When we go away in the van, 9 times out of 10 we end up taking lots of doggy bits to keep our pooch happy. This includes, lead, harness, toys, bed, bowls, food mat, the list continues... But when we aren't using the items they end up making the van seem cluttered. So we now have a handy cotton bag on the back of the door, which we use to store all doggy related items. Here is a link to a beautiful bag on Etsy.

It helps keep the van relatively organised, and it's easy to unhook and take all you need with you at a moments notice. Perfect for when we are going on a long walk to the nearest pub, meaning whilst we're enjoying a meal, our dog has a water bowl and a chew to keep her happy under the table!

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